CapturEZ Pro (or CapturEasy in english) is a powerfull screen capture software, including or not the mouse cursor, for XP users, and for those of Vista, W7, W8 or W10, in basic version.
It is also made for the users of non basic versions of Vista, W7, W8 and W10 on whitch exists a capture utility, but simplistic too much and not easily accessible.
CapturEZ Pro can be launched, either using customizable keyboard shortcuts, or from its icon in the systray, at the bottom, right next to the time.
By its keyboard shortcuts, it allows to capture the active window, the desktop or a selected area using the mouse, and to display a picture of this.
If "Foreground" is checked in the "Options" or selected on the fly in the context menu, the image will remain at the forefront, always on top of all windows of all applications.
In this case, it can not be covered, which is very interesting for comparisons or copying of data without risk of losing the model when we wrote into the open application in the background, even if this application is open in full screen.
From its icon, a single left-click launches the capture using the mouse, right-click opens a menu of actions, help and management.
A right-click on the image opens a menu that allows you to save, print, edit or email by a single mouse click, and apply other treatments depending on the version of Capture, without having to leave or reduce the used application.
The captured part can be a window, the entire screen, a page, an image or part of an image, or only two interesting lines of text.
An assisted photo creation module is included.

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CapturEZ Pro is a 32-bit shareware developed in Delphi 7.
It runs under Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019 in 32 and 64-bit
It exists, here in english and there in french.
Its price is 10 €
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